3 Steps to
CUSP Certification

Step 1: Review and determine your CUSP eligibility

Review and determine your CUSP eligibility, complete the CUSP application, and after your application is approved, register and submit payment.

  • Submit CUSP Application


  • Join the USOLN prior to registering for the CUSP program to receive the discounted rate.

    Join USOLN

  • After being approved for the CUSP program, register for the the optional Online Prep and Onsite Review and the CUSP exam.


Step 2: Study and Prepare for the CUSP exam

Take time to study. The CUSP exam is challenging and not easy to pass. CUSP candidates who study and prepare are glad they invested the time. Typically 75% of any given CUSP session will pass. Prepare for taking the CUSP exam by reviewing the preparation guide which includes:

  • Exam Matrix for CUSP Blue and CUSP Green
  • Sample CUSP exam with answer key
  • Exam prep materials for the six subject areas:  Leadership, Operations, Human Performance, Incident Prevention, Hazard Identification, and Standards.
  • Exam prep materials for the four endorsement areas: T&D, Gas, Power Generation and Civil.
Preparation Guide

Step 3: Take and pass the CUSP exam

The base CUSP exam is comprised of 100 multiple choice questions. In addition, all CUSP candidates will be asked to designate an endorsement exam from the following utility work environments:

  • Electrical Transmission & Distribution
  • Gas
  • Civil
  • Power Generation

Each endorsement exam consists of 30 multiple choice questions. Candidates must take and pass at least one endorsement exam along with the base exam in order to become certified.


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