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Prepare for Canadian CUSP Exam

Canadian CUSP Resources

CUSP candidates are encouraged to prepare for the CUSP exam by reviewing the sample questions and other materials available below. While the CUSP exam is designed to test a candidate’s competence as a utility safety professional gained through experience and training throughout his/her career, reference materials are provided below to study as needed.

Develop a study plan several months before you plan to take your CUSP exam. This could include self-study, finding a study buddy or group, attending the optional Online Prep and Onsite Review , studying suggested reference materials and articles, or other methods. The key is to have a study plan and follow through with it.

References Materials for CUSP Canada

Exam Weighting Percentage = 38%
  • Fundamentals of Occupational Safety & Health – by Dr. Mark A. Friend & Dr. James P. Kohn

  • Supervisor’s Safety Manual – 10th Edition
  • You’ve Just Been Made a Supervisor-Now What? – by Meredith Onion & Michael O’Toole
  • Human Performance Improvement Handbook – U.S. Department of Energy
  • Working Safe by E. Scott Geller
Exam Weighting Percentage = 30%
  • CAN-ULC S801 (Standard on electric utility workplace Electrical safety for generation, & T&D)
Exam Weighting Percentage = 10%
  • Lineman’s and Cableman’s Field Handbook – by Thomas Shoemaker & James Mack
Exam Weighting Percentage = 5%
  • ASTM 120-14A Standard Specification for Rubber Insulating Gloves
  • ASTM F496 Standard Specification for In-Service Care of Insulating Gloves & Sleeves
Exam Weighting Percentage = 5%
  • Canadian Common Ground Alliance – Best Practices
  • Canadian National Energy Board Regulations
Exam Weighting Percentage = 5%
  • CSA Z259 (Fall Protection)
  • CSA Z1006-10 Management of Work in Confined Spaces
  • CSA Z460 Control of Hazardous Energy
Exam Weighting Percentage = 5%
  • CLV Special Report – Canadian Health & Safety Compliance Issues, Third Edition by Dilys Robertson
Exam Weighting Percentage = 2%
  • CSA Z94.1 (Head Protection)
  • CSA Z94.3 (Eye & face)
  • CSA Z94.2 (Hearing Protection)
  • CSA Z195 (Footwear)

Canadian CUSP References
Version 2, June 2016

Not Categorized Yet:

  • CAN-ULC S801 (Head Protection)
  • CAN-ULC S801 (Eye & face)
  • ASTM F2178 (Arc Flash – Eye & Face)
  • CAN-ULC 64182 (Full Body Arc Clothing)
  • ASTM F1959 (Testing for Arc Clothing Ratings)
  • ASTM F2621 (Response Characteristics & Design for finished products)
  • ASTM F2675 (Hand Protective Products – test methods)
  • NFPA 2112 (Standard on Flame Resistant Garments)
  • CAN-ULC 61482-2 (Live Working)
  • ASTM F1506 (Standard Performance Specifications for FR)
  • ASTM F1891 (Arc & FR Raingear)
  • CAN-ULC 60895 (Live Working Conductive Clothing)
  • ASTM F1117 (Dielectric Footwear)
  • CAN-ULC S508 (Extinguisher Testing & Rating)

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