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CUSP Eligibility Requirements

Are you Eligible?

CUSP certification has two pathways: CUSP Blue pathway for those in a utility operations leadership role and CUSP Green pathway for those that are in a dedicated utility safety or field training leadership role. Before completing the CUSP application, please review the requirements below to determine your eligibility.

For Safety Professionals in Operations Management of Supervisor/Foreman Roles

CUSP Blue Eligibility Requirements:
Operations Management, Supervisor, Foreman
  • At least 3 years of utility operations leadership experience
  • At least 1 year in a role where safety activities are a part of your job description, e.g., tailboards, safety committees, safety meetings
Additional Information for CUSP Blue Eligibility

CUSP Blue is designated for persons actively engaged in a leadership position of which there are core safety duties specifically applicable to that position. This is typically a lead role such as an operations manager, crew lead, foreman, sub foreman, general foreman, superintendent, supervisor, or similar position of which the duties are centered around crew leadership requiring frequent lead on tailboards (FLRA’s), leading safety meetings, leading safety committees (chair/co‐chair) or other similar activities that involve directing work and safety activities within the workplace. Someone who is required to be part of a tailboard (non‐lead role) would not qualify.

For Safety Professionals in Safety or Field Training Leadership Role

CUSP Green Eligibility Requirements:
Safety/Training Management
  • At least 3 years of utility experience in a dedicated safety or field training leadership role
Additional Information for CUSP Green Eligibility

CUSP Green is designated for persons actively engaged in a safety management or training position. This is typically a leadership role such as a safety manager, director, advisor, training manager, full time trainer, or similar position of which the duties are centered around safety or training within the utility discipline. Some of these positions may also include other support operational functions. These other functions should not be the primary focus of this role, but rather be complementary to the main focus which is safety and or training.

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