CUSP Emeritus Status Request Form

Retiring? CUSP Now Offers CUSP Emeritus Status

If you are retiring but are proud of the CUSP credential that you earned and would like to continue to use the designation, the USOLN now offers the CUSP Emeritus status. If you have been a CUSP credential holder in good standing for four years or more and are retired and no longer working in the utility industry, you are eligible for the CUSP Emeritus status. If you continue to work in the utility industry, you will still be a CUSP credential holder and will need to meet the CUSP maintenance and recertification requirements.

Those with the CUSP Emeritus status will no longer need to meet the continuing professional development requirement but will need to pay a CUSP Emeritus annual maintenance fee of $75. The CUSP Emeritus status can be used on business cards, email signatures or LinkedIn using the format below:

John Smith, CUSP Emeritus

If you are retiring and would like to switch to CUSP Emeritus status, please complete the form below. If you have any questions, email Shawn Talbot at or call 815-459-1796.


360 Memorial Drive
Suite 10, Crystal Lake, IL 60014
Phone: 815.459.1796

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