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Endorsements Body of Knowledge

Earn your Blue or Green CUSP and select one or more endorsements.

The CUSP exam is comprised of the CUSP Blue or Green base exam and one or more endorsement exams, which includes questions about utility safety in specific utility environments. Each CUSP candidate must select at least one endorsement exam from the five choices below. The Body of Knowledge, a detailed outline of the knowledge and skills required, is provided for each endorsement.


Click on an endorsement icon to view the body of knowledge.

About the CUSP Base Exam & Endorsement Exams

CUSP candidates must pass the base exam and at least one endorsement exam to become certified.The CUSP base exam is comprised of 100 multiple choice questions. In addition, all CUSP candidates will be asked to select an endorsement exam from the following utility work environments:

  • Electric Transmission & Distribution
  • Gas
  • Power Generation
  • Civil
  • Utility Line Clearance Arborist

Each endorsement exam consists of 30 multiple choice questions. There is an additional fee if a candidate elects to take more than one endorsement exam. For more information, visit this page. A CUSP credential holder can elect to take an additional endorsement exam at a later date to add this endorsement to their certification.

The CUSP exam content is based on FEDERAL standards, not state or company standards.