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CUSP Recertification

How to Maintain Your CUSP Credential
In order to ensure the continuing competence of CUSP credential holders, the CUSP certification has established a recertification program that includes a continuing professional development requirement. CUSP credential holders are required to submit proof of continuing professional development every two years. As a CUSP credential holder, you are responsible for tracking and submitting CUSP points requests for the continuing professional development requirement along with paying an annual maintenance fee of $160.

Pay CUSP Annual Maintenance Fee

There is an annual maintenance fee of $160 that is required to maintain your CUSP credential. The first CUSP annual maintenance fee is due one year after you earn your CUSP credential. You will receive an email reminder when your CUSP annual maintenance fee is due.

Please note that this payment is not the same as the Utility Safety & Ops Leadership (USOLN) membership fee, which is optional.  The USOLN membership fee is also due annually for USOLN members.

How to Earn CUSP Points?

All CUSP credential holders are required to participate in continuing professional development activities.  A point system has been developed to track continuing professional development hours.

  • CUSP GREEN – 30 points
  • CUSP BLUE –  30 points

View the CUSP Points Maintenance Guidelines above for detailed information about the recertification activity types and required documentation to submit to earn CUSP points.

Submit Your CUSP Points Request

As you complete the continuing professional development activities, log into your profile and fill out a CUSP Points Request Form online. Need Help? View our How To Guide

After you submit the form with proper documentation, you will be sent an acknowledgment that the form has been received.

Within 5 business days, you will receive confirmation via email detailing the number of CUSP points that were awarded.

Why are continuing Professional Development activities required?

Due to the changing regulatory environment combined with incident and fatality rates, the Utility Safety & Ops Leadership Network (USOLN) has adopted an aggressive two-year recertification process. Recertification demonstrates that you are:
  • Expanding your utility safety knowledge, which makes you more valuable to your organization.
  • Committed to professional development to prepare yourself and your organization for the future.
  • Keeping current on changing utility safety regulations, best practices and innovative ways to build and maintain a strong safety culture, which ensures that your organization and its employees work at peak performance.

Name or Address Changes

We need to communicate with you in the future regarding your CUSP credential. As a CUSP candidate or credential holder, it is your responsibility to inform the USOLN of any changes to your current contact information, including mailing address, email address and phone number. You are at risk of losing your CUSP credential if we cannot reach you with important notifications regarding your certification.

Please update your USOLN profile online or send any contact information changes to or call 815-459-1796.