CUSP Online Exam Instructions

The Utility Safety & Ops Leadership Network (USOLN) now offers the CUSP exam online (including endorsement exams) using the highly secure ExamSoft testing platform. ExamSoft is a leading provider of online assessments and provides a seamless testing experience. Now you can take the CUSP exam from your own computer at your location!


Information You Need to Know:

  • Institution ID: Utility Safety and Ops Leadership Network
  • Login Email: The email address you used to register for the CUSP exam
  • Your Password: You will prompted to create your password upon first sign-in to ExamSoft. You will need this to login to Examplify and take your exams
  • Sample Exam Password: CUSPsample20
  • Exam Password(s): Will be sent to your email on the day of the exam by 10:00 am Central Time.
  • Exam Results: Will be emailed to you by 10 business days after the exam date.
  • CUSP Online Exam FAQ’s

The CUSP exam environment is comprised of two software components that work together to deliver your CUSP online exam:

Create Account


This is the web portal where all exam takers must create an account from their “Join your Peers” email. Remember the password you created.

Download Software


The exam program that must be downloaded to the computer that you will be using to take the exam and creates the Examplify icon on your desktop.

STEP 1: Is your computer ready?

Your computer must meet the following requirements:

  • Ability to download the exam application onto your work computer. (You must have Administrative rights or use a personal computer.)
  • 1gb of available hard drive storage space/8gb of Ram or higher
  • Windows 10 or Mac OS X 10.14.6 (Mojave), Mac OS Catalina (10.15.7) System Minimum Requirements
  • Internet connection to download exam and upload results (WiFi is not required during the exam)
  • Front-facing camera on the computer. No iPads or Chrome books are support.
  • Microphone – headphones/earbuds cannot be used

Examsoft Quick Start Guide

Note: No iPads or Chrome books are supported.

Recommended Browser: Google Chrome

Cannot use Edge Browser

STEP 2: Receive “Join Your Peers” Email and Create Account at

(The Join Your Peers Email is sent from
Join your Peers Email
  • Receive the “Join Your Peers” email. (Don’t forget to check your spam/junk folder if you do not see it) 
  • Your account is created with the email you utilized to register for the exam.
  • You will be asked to create a password.  
  • Remember your login email & password (the one you generated when registering on ExamSoft) as you will need it to take the exam in Examplify.  examplifylogo
  • When your account registration is complete, click on the Download Examplify button in the upper right hand cornerdownload-examplify 
  • The Examplify software will start the downloading process onto the computer’s desktop.

STEP 3: Download to your desktop

  • An icon will appear on your computer desktop when the download is complete.
  • The Institution ID is: Utility Safety and Ops Leadership Network
  • You will need your email and password that you created in the ExamSoft system from Step 2.
  • Download all the exams which includes the Sample Exam, CUSP Exam and selected endorsements
    • If you do not see the exams you are expecting to take in your “My Exams” download window, contact CUSP Exam Support at 800-671-9466
  • If you are having download issues/errors, please review the Minimum System Requirements 

You must have Administrative rights to the computer.

  • If you require any technical assistance downloading the software, call ExamSoft (888) 429-8889.
Exam Integrity Guidelines 082321

STEP 4: Review Exam Integrity Guidelines

  • All exam sessions are visually and audibly monitored, recorded, and reviewed by human proctors.
  • Please read the Exam Integrity Guidelines to stay compliant while taking your exam including the Sample Exam.
  • Download the Do Not Disturb sign to avoid an integrity violation.

Try the CUSP Exam Simulator

STEP 5: Launch App and take the Sample Exam

Must be done 2 days prior to the exam date or you will need to reschedule the exam.
  • Do the 7 minute sample exam as soon as possible. The Sample Exam that is in Examplify, must be done 2 days prior to the exam date or you will need to reschedule the exam.
  • The password is: CUSPsample20
    Note: You are now authorized to take the exam and do not need to wait when prompted on-screen.
  • You will be required to have your picture taken at this point to create a baseline photo for future validation.

STEP 6: Exam Day – You will be emailed your Exam Passwords by 10:00 am Central Time

Exam Passwords sent via email from

NOTE: Examplify requires all open programs to be closed before taking the exam. Please save all your work and close all programs before continuing.

  • Have your login email and password ready that you created in step 3 for Examsoft 
  • Login to Examplify to take all exams by clicking on the Examplify icon on your computer’s desktop. (Do not try to log into the  ExamSoft website to get to your exams.)
  • The institute ID is Utility Safety and Ops Leadership Network.
  • Take your exam using the password that was sent via email the morning of the exam and matches the exam your are getting ready to take.
    Note: You are now authorized to take the exam and do not need to wait when prompted on-screen.
  • Upon completion of each exam, your exam will start to upload if you are connected to wi-fi. Select your next exam (if applicable) and repeat the process. Note: Between exams is the appropriate time to take a bathroom break and get up and stretch.

If you have questions, see if the answer is on the CUSP online exam FAQ’s.

If you require any technical assistance on Exam day, please call CUSP Exam Support at (800) 671-9466.

STEP 7: Upload All Your Completed Exams by 5:00 pm Central Time the day you take the exam

Must be done by 5 pm CT the day you take the exam
  • At the conclusion of your online exam session, reconnect to wifi/internet if you were not connected and stay connected until you receive the notice that all the exams and exam monitor files have uploaded.
    • Typically, the exam files upload quite quickly, but the exam monitor files are much larger and work best with high bandwidth connections.
    • In most cases, if you leave their computer connected to wi-fi for an extended period of time ie. all day or overnight the problem resolves itself.
    • You can log out and log back in to Examplify to see if that will jump start the upload.
    • You can disconnect from wi-fi and restart at a later time or from a different location if need be.
    • The monitor files are securely stored on your computer. In the event that the monitor files fail to upload, ExamSoft tech support can contact you directly to help download the files.
CUSP digital credential 2021-08-25

STEP 8: Submit Feedback and get Results of the Exams

Your feedback is important to us and the CUSP Certification process!
  • You will receive a email asking for your feedback on the CUSP online exam process.
  • You will receive your exam results within 10 business days.  The results will be a pass or fail result as we do not provide actual exam scores.
  • You will receive a email asking for your feedback on the CUSP prep.
  • CUSP’s will receive an email containing their digital CUSP credentials.
  • CUSP’s will be mailed their CUSP credentials.
  • CUSP’s should attend the CUSP Orientation Webinar.

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