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CUSP Orientation

Online Orientation for New CUSP Credential Holders

Welcome to the CUSP community!

As a new Certified Utility Safety Professional credential holder, we would like to invite you to take the CUSP Online Orientation Course!

Professional development is the foundation of continued competence as a utility safety professional and is a core requirement of the CUSP recertification process. As a CUSP credential holder, you are required to earn CUSP points every two years in order to maintain your CUSP credential. There are many ways to earn points. The purpose of this CUSP Orientation Course is to help you understand the requirements so you can successfully maintain and renew your CUSP credential in a timely manner. Taking a few minutes now to understand the recertification requirements will help ensure that your hard-earned CUSP credential does not lapse. In addition, completing this course will enable you to earn one CUSP point!

This course is complimentary.  

This CUSP Online Orientation Course is for new CUSP’s to help you successfully maintain and renew your CUSP Credential.

CUSP Point: 1.0

Cost: Complimentary