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Produced by the Incident Prevention Institute, CUSP Prep is an online tool designed to enhance test-taking skills and help learners to prepare for the Certified Utility Safety Professional (CUSP) exam. It includes practice exams, test taking tips and LIVE online study sessions where learners can engage directly with a facilitator.

The USOLN does not require a CUSP candidate to take any education or training in order to take the CUSP exam. It does not recommend or endorse any particular CUSP exam prep or review course. CUSP Prep was developed independently from the CUSP exam. It does not guarantee that you will pass the CUSP exam.

CUSP Prep Components

  • Pre-Test
  • Preparation and Testing Strategies
  • Live Facilitated CUSP Test Prep Webinar
  • Practice Domain Quizzes
  • Access your Readiness with the CUSP Exam Simulator
  • Help Determine the Level of Preparation


Develop a study plan several months before you plan to take your CUSP exam. This could include self-study, finding a study buddy or group, attending the optional CUSP Prep, studying suggested reference materials and articles, or other methods. The key is to have a study plan and follow through with it. CUSP Prep was developed to provide learners with a higher degree of confidence and competence in taking the exam.

LIVE Online Study Sessions

As part of CUSP Prep, you will have access to LIVE online study sessions facilitated by utility industry experts at the dates and times listed below. Study sessions will help you determine your level of preparation and next steps; give you the opportunity to ask questions; provide content likely to be covered on the CUSP exam; and allow you to interact with your peers. You are welcome to attend any of the sessions. Be sure to attend at least one!

Ready for the Exam?

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Not Ready for the Exam?

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CUSP candidates are strongly encouraged to prepare for the CUSP exam.  Here is a  list of Preparation Reference Materials.