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Aron McInnes June2018

Safety and Quality Lead to Productivity

| Aron McInnes, CUSP |
Production is what drives a business to succeed in today’s world. Without production, we do not have profits. However, there are two important things businesses must get right before production leads to profits.
tailgate topics

Addressing Allergic Reactions on the Job

| Dean Newkirk, CUSP |
Power-line workers carry out their assignments in all types of outdoor environments and thus are susceptible to all of Mother Nature’s elements, good and bad.
Underground Electrical Vaults

Underground Electrical Vaults: Safety Concerns and Controls

| Chris Grajek, CRSP, CUSP |
There are hundreds of thousands of man-accessible vaults in North America, with potentially tens of thousands of utility worker entries into those vaults each year.
lighthouse image

Be the Safety Lighthouse

| Aron McInnes, CUSP |
A lighthouse is not something that safety leaders typically think about unless we’re taking a boat ride or going on a cruise. Lighthouses are a tool used by seafaring people, and usually the only time a power-line technician deals with a lighthouse is when the power goes out and the technician is charged with getting the power back on.
Aron McInnes June2018

Passive Safety Bones

| Aron McInnes, CUSP |
Recently I worked for a person in the utility industry who would tell everyone that they needed to get over their passive bones when it came to safety. What are passive bones? They are not physical bones, nor are they similar to funny bones. Instead, the term “passive bones” refers to an approach to handling a safety concern.

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