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Meet the dedicated staff serving the Utility Safety & Ops Leadership Network. Our team is here to assist and build the Utility Safety & Ops Leadership Network.

Carla Housh

Carla Housh

Executive Director

Carla is the president & CEO of Utility Business Media, Inc. A 20-year veteran of the utility publications market, she is also the Executive Director of the Utility Safety & Ops Leadership Network (USOLN). The USOLN was founded in 2009 to establish a much-needed Certified Utility Safety Professional (CUSP) credential program serving the utility industry.

Shawn Talbot, IOM, CAE

CUSP Program Director

Shawn manages all aspects of the CUSP certification program.  She is an association management professional with 22 years of association industry experience.  She has extensive experience leading other certifications and working with boards of directors and volunteers, as well as community outreach, chapter relations, financial management, team building and marketing experience.

Maria Alvi-Qureshi, MHA

CUSP Operations

Maria provides support for the CUSP Program.  She is highly involved in the CUSP online exam process and implementation of new projects.

Leigh Shelnutt

Customer Service and Support

Leigh provides exemplary customer service and support to all CUSPs and USOLN members. She also provides support to media sales, marketing, education, and association management. She assists with all aspects of the CUSP recertification process including updates to CUSP transcripts, answering questions about professional development activities, and guiding CUSPs in their recertification journey. Leigh has extensive customer service experience and loves helping our CUSP credential holders to succeed and continue their professional development.