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CUSP All Stars – Denver DeWees, CUSP

Utility Safety Coordinator, Farmington Electric Utility System

I decided to get the CUSP because:

  • As the safety leader for Farmington Electric Utility System, I searched for a safety credential that was relevant to the utility industry that would give credibility to my team and me. The CUSP with the four endorsements covers all aspects of my areas of responsibility within my utility.

The CUSP has helped me in my career by:

  • It has legitimized my position as a utility safety SME with my peers and coworkers. It has opened up relationships with other CUSP’s to share information and network within the country’s utility community and beyond. Required maintenance points force me outside my comfort zone and encourage my continued personal and professional development

Others should get their CUSP because:

  • The CUSP is the only utility-specific safety certification that I know of. The CUSP community is a fantastic network of knowledgeable utility industry professionals. The CUSP credential is recognized across the utility industry, allowing for professional industry credibility.  

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